Rainbows with You!

Vintage Sapience

I used to choose monochrome.
But with you, I feel the colors,
Live the rainbow
Be the air, and breathe the sun.
Alive, and dead. And all in between.
Find salvation.

Image Credits: Soho

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Re-write Revelations

Fictional Kevin


This weekend I got my book back from the printer’s. My idea was to rearrange the 80,000 words of chapters into a different order to add to the suspense and mystery. Probably write another 20,000 words or so and be done with the rough draft.

I took an hour today to paperclip each chapter individually (most are between 500-1,500 words). As I was doing so I was also thinking about how the story could be better for the reader.

That’s when an uncomfortable realization hit me: The best “story” for the reader is not the “progressive” revelation story I have written, but one where the big revelations don’t come for quite some time.

Providing the pieces of the puzzle, but not the picture to see exactly where each piece might go.

To do this I will need to write a completely new story. Sure, I can use the words and…

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Every Now and Then

From an other-wise-sane perspective

Every now and then I wonder
Every now and then I see
Every now and then I look away
When you look right at me…

It’s a shame we aren’t forgiven
For all the things we’ve never done
All the hopes we’ve never shared
All the games we’ve never won

Every now and then I wonder
Every now and then I see
A light ahead
A darkness
A journey just for me

There’s no sin for being worthless
For there’s nothing left to prove
There’s no heart that can’t be broken
There’s no love that’s always true

Though I try to see the dawn
Up there ahead it’s kind of faint
There will be an answer soon
Where soon forever paints … the sky a deeper blue
A striking red! A hit
Of colors, flaming
through the next day … After you went away
Now gone

I only sing my…

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Infinity – Eye #writephoto by Jan Malique

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Image: Sue Vincent

My contribution for Sue Vincent’s lovely photo challenge Eye – #writephoto this week.  It certainly stirred the creative waters:

It is said by the ancient tribes who live in the land of shadows and fire that the All Seeing Eye contains mysteries, ones that would inflame the spirit and shatter false perceptions.  They believe it lies between the barren desert wastes and the verdant lands beyond. To gaze into its iris is to see all timelines converge and vanish into infinity. So the stories say. I am inclined to believe they are ancient truths garbed in fantasy and fiction, the inner message no longer understood by the children of this new world.

The Eye hides in plain sight, a bridge between the waking world and the mysterious inner realms. It is a dream that haunts our Soul and refuses to relinquish its hold. It speaks to us…

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Integrity prompts you


Integrity my amour.
Doing the right thing.
Being fair, being just.
Even when you get hurt.

Integrity my shield.
The right path is lonely.
Giving up always near.
God’s grace a lifeline.

Sin is never gone.
To stumble, to fall.
Humanity in its weakness.
Integrity against the odds.

No one is watching.
Yet, someone is.
Integrity prompts you.
It is none other than God.

By C.E. Pereira

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Guest writer: Shweta Suresh – Love on the sidelines

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Admired each other from afar,

Rarely lost sight of each other,

He was her light and she was his satellite.

But they never dared to approach each other.

The entire world, as the humans called it, was at stake.

Earth was content to revolve around her beloved.


Though this post resembles a poem, I like to call it a tiny tale. An extremely short story (often less than 200 words) that packs quite a punch. If you are wondering how I became obsessed with tiny tales, you may read all about that here. I have published several tiny tales on my current blog .Here is a link to the list of all the tiny tales, just in case you feel like reading – My Tiny Tales.

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Shweta is a voracious…

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