Romantic Tuesday

Erika Kind

Longing Hearts

The sun goes down
The day comes to an end
A day with thoughts
Of you I spent

Now gazing outside
Into the dark
Makes it so heavy
My loving heart

My spirit wanders
Miles away
And wants me where you are
To stay

Your loving touch so tender
The room just lit by candle’s light
I see me lying in your arms
And see your smile of love so bright

Caressing, kissing
Feeling your skin
Entangled bodies
Two minds that spin

You feel so close and near
Although you’re miles away
Your energy – a part of me
Is with me all and every day

You even feel my loving touch
When in my thoughts I strike your face
Our bond so strong beyond this world
A living proof of divine grace

Like beacons in the storm
Our lights are shining heart to heart
One energy, one…

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I am hope

Scribbled Verse

I am the hope that soars, high above our shared African lands – a hope that skips over rainbows, the hope that trudges over the horrors of yesterday.
I am hope, smiling through tears that stain the soil, the hope that echoes across the valleys and plains, I am the hope of days to come.
I am hope, thud-thudding in countless hearts, lost at times amidst the detritus of history.
I am hope.
embrace me, do not turn me away, hug me as I yearn to hug you. cherish me as I do you.
I am hope. I will prevail.

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#524. Kadam manzil ki Or (  कदम मंज़िल की ओर)

Dil Ki Kitaab ( दिल की किताब )

कदम छोटे हो या बड़े।

मंज़िल को पाने के लिए,

बस चलते रहना ज़रूरी है।।

Kadam Chote ho ya Bade.

Manzil ko paane ke liye,

Bas Chalte rehna Zaruri hai..

💝 mयंक

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List of Shayri Related to “Manzil”-

  1. ❤”Bhatak rha tha me ek musafir ki tarah ❤ ❤ Tera vo manzil ki tarah mil jana yaad h” ❤
  2. भटका हुआ मुसाफिर…
  3. Aao ” Do (2) Kash (Puff) ” zra tum bhi maarlo….
  4. Manzil kha h….
  5.  सकारात्मक सोच….
  6.  मंजिल पर पहुँचने की जल्दी…
  7.  Shauk jb tk junoon me na bdle.

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Leichty: “We have forty thousand of these things here”

Ferrell's Travel Blog

The Agade list reports the passing Monday night of Dr. Erle Verdun Leichty (1933-2016), Emeritus Professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Assyriology) at the University of Pennsylvania.

The announcement says,

In 2006, a number of colleagues and students banded together to produce “If a Man Builds a Joyful House. Assyriological Studies in Honor of Erle Verdun Leichty” (Brill). This volume is available for download at <>. In it, his Penn colleague Barry Eichler tells about “Cuneiform Studies at Penn: From Hilprecht to Leichty,” where can also be found details on Leichty’s fine career and contributions.

I did not know Dr. Leichty, but did have a chance meeting with him at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in 2004. I was looking for a particular ancient document and inquired of the staff. They could not provide the answer but said that Dr. Leichty might be…

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Wonderbook: An Illustrated Guide to Fiction Writing

The Incompetent Writer

It’s rare to read an essay on craft that takes your breath away: Jeremy Zerfoss’s illustrations, however, for Jeff Vandermeer’s essays on fiction technique are pretty stunning.

(I include the one above on the understanding that copyright remains with Jeremy Zerfoss, and that I include it only to encourage you to buy a copy of Wonderbook, from where these images are drawn.)

Vandermeer’s essay, published by Electric Literature, is great fun and full of interesting craft observations. Plus the illustrations are killer.

The first thing I wanted to show you is this image, which is about how you decide what the story is in the first place. Basically, I thought it would be useful to take some very dramatic job that a character has — in this case, a dragon slayer– and demonstrate how it is that the average day of a dragon slayer is no different than the average…

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Go Go Go – Pause

Murphy's Law

We are traveling at the speed of light at the Murphy house. We wake up in the morning and we go, go, go until the girls are tucked in bed at night and then we collapse on the couch with a sigh. Go, go, go and then do it all again tomorrow.

I was already in Go Mode when I entered Maddie’s bedroom this morning at 6:15 AM.

“Time to get up, Maddie Moo,” I said into the silence. “Wake up, buttercup.” I gave her a shake.

I quickly walked over to her window, snapped up the shade with a flick of my wrist, and walked back towards her bed. What a pretty sky, I thought to myself as I walked away from the window.

I stopped. Something made me stop.

I walked back towards the window. I stood looking out the window, letting the seconds tick by. It really was a pretty sky –…

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