We Most Likely Won’t Be Friends Anymore After I Vote On November 8th.

Karma Is A Funny Thing

I am voting on Tuesday, as we all should. But I have decided to stick with my gut, and vote with my heart. I will be writing Bernie Sanders in. He told his supporters months ago, to not listen to him if he tried to convince us to vote for someone else.

And I trust he is right.

Otherwise, I am stuck with voting for two humans…a man and a woman…who are, combined, the most loathed candidates at one time in U.S. Presidential election history.

Both equally shady. Both equally disturbing.

I won’t tell anyone who to vote for, but I sure have had many people attempt to convince me to drop the Bernie act, or else.

I see it as a much bigger problem though.

We can be bullied into voting for one of two people who most likely will wind up having to be pardoned or impeached. I…

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Good Morning

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Magpie 12.11 (7)

As I sit at my breakfast table in the kitchen I have a full view of the garden. Now the colder winter weather is arriving we have set up the picnic table with seeds for the birds and throw the hard rests of the bread out on the grass. Whilst the sparr0ws, finches and tits prefer to take their seeds from the table, we have a procession of crows and magpies flying with pieces of bread in their beaks. It seems to me that our birds are better fed in Winter than Summer.

I must lead a boring life as since yesterday I have been nowhere and done nothing particularly interesting. On the other hand, I wanted a quiet life and now I have one. I might attempt a walk this afternoon if we have no rain and if the paths are clear. The last time I checked the new…

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An owl on the other side

Christopher Martin Photography


On the other side of the road, this Great gray owl continued hunting after it flew across.  She left the open forest for the denser evergreens on the southern approach which provided a completely different look from the images that I shared yesterday.



She flew between a couple of posts before gliding between a couple of trees.  I was lucky to be in position for some great opportunities.



The owl flew into the middle of this large tree, beside the trunk, and I thought she might choose to rest there for a while.  She did for a few minutes, but soon grew restless and began scanning the ground for activity.  She turned around, saw something and then shot out of the tree.  I lost sight of her almost right away but heard a lot of squawking and commotion before things went quiet again.  I assume the owl struck successfully…

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