Good Morning

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Magpie 12.11 (7)

As I sit at my breakfast table in the kitchen I have a full view of the garden. Now the colder winter weather is arriving we have set up the picnic table with seeds for the birds and throw the hard rests of the bread out on the grass. Whilst the sparr0ws, finches and tits prefer to take their seeds from the table, we have a procession of crows and magpies flying with pieces of bread in their beaks. It seems to me that our birds are better fed in Winter than Summer.

I must lead a boring life as since yesterday I have been nowhere and done nothing particularly interesting. On the other hand, I wanted a quiet life and now I have one. I might attempt a walk this afternoon if we have no rain and if the paths are clear. The last time I checked the new…

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