I wish this could be set right but wishes are for fools

From an other-wise-sane perspective

The term subjective is used incorrectly all the time. People think it means something is too personal for objectivity. But for something to be subjective, the person stating the theory must be inside the subject group to which the theory is applied.

Otherwise, it is objective, not subjective. So just because it is your opinion that all boys are stupid, it is not a subjective conclusion unless you yourself are a boy. It is an objective conclusion if you are a girl or outside that set.

If a girl says boys are dumb, you can’t tell her “well that’s subjective because its your opinion.” That is incorrect. She is making an objective observation, because she is outside of the set and any subset of that which is being observed.

OK? I’m so tired of seeing “subjective” missused. And that is an OBJECTIVE statement because I myself am not in the…

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