Across the ocean wide.
Your home I’ve not seen.
Electronic gadgets our link.
This friend I’ve not met.

I have not heard your voice.
Yet, I have talked with you.
Words sent back and forth.
We talked about everything and some.

You are my foreign friend.
I could call you my pen-pal.
But I think word-pal fits better.
This friend I’ve yet to meet.

Then came news from you.
Telling me death is impatient.
The countdown speeding up.
This friend I will never meet.

Your sense of humour wicked.
Gothic themes for weddings.
Zombies and coffins as decors.
This friend who loves Halloween.

A few months have gone by.
It is not if but when you go.
Only a miracle will intercede.
We continue in prayer, in hope.

Plants, a hobby you enjoy.
The Hibiscus your favourite.
This is my national flower.
This friend “the crazy plant lady.”

The internet…

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