Romantic Tuesday

Erika Kind

Longing Hearts

The sun goes down
The day comes to an end
A day with thoughts
Of you I spent

Now gazing outside
Into the dark
Makes it so heavy
My loving heart

My spirit wanders
Miles away
And wants me where you are
To stay

Your loving touch so tender
The room just lit by candle’s light
I see me lying in your arms
And see your smile of love so bright

Caressing, kissing
Feeling your skin
Entangled bodies
Two minds that spin

You feel so close and near
Although you’re miles away
Your energy – a part of me
Is with me all and every day

You even feel my loving touch
When in my thoughts I strike your face
Our bond so strong beyond this world
A living proof of divine grace

Like beacons in the storm
Our lights are shining heart to heart
One energy, one…

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